What We've
in Three Years

Lisa has been a leader in passing progressive policies on the Minneapolis City Council since she took office in January 2014, delivering on promises she made campaigning as well as taking up the causes of residents and businesses who came to her looking for help.


Expanding Housing Options and Guiding Growth:

Minneapolis is growing and Lisa has been a leader in making sure this doesn't mean current residents are displaced. Our zoning laws determine what kind of development can go where, and as Chair of the City Council's Zoning and Planning Commmittee, Lisa has updated many regulations to increase housing options and make new development better:

  • Legalized accessory dwelling units, or "granny flats" citywide to provide more housing options across the city (2014).
  • Directed staff to create a map of market-rate housing in our city to inform policies that retain and expand housing options and stabilize neighborhoods across the city (2015).
  • Fixed outdated rules that forced homeless shelters only into religious institutions (2015).
  • Revised off-street parking regulations for new multifamily housing near transit (2015).
  • Completed the historic designation of the Lowry Hill East Historic District (2015).
  • Adopted design rules for pedestrian-oriented buildings on all major corridors in Ward 10 (2016).
  • Requiring better materials in new buildings (2014 advisory/regulations underway).
  • Supporting mixed-income housing through proposed inclusionary zoning policy (underway).
  • Advocating for special support for small businesses in Minneapolis including dedicated staff (underway).

Improving Streets for Walking, Biking, and Transit:

As an active member of the City Council's Transportation and Public Works Commitee, Lisa has been a champion for expanding transportation choices and making our streets safer for everyone, no matter how you get around our city.

  • Added protected bike lanes, pedestrian space, and additional greening at the Hennepin-Lyndale bottleneck (2014).
  • Built the City's first two-way protected bikeway along 36th Street to Lake Calhoun and creating a pedestrian space on the south side of 36th Street along the cemetery for the first time (2014).
  • Established the Parklet pilot program and process for businesses to install parklets (2014).
  • Supported restructuring of transportation planning in Public Works to deliver projects that better reflect community needs (2014).
  • Made it easier for neighbors to host block parties and other events on their streets (2014).
  • Adopted the protected bikeways plan with funding for 30 miles of protected bikeways (2015).
  • Finalized design and construction for first two blocks of the city's first shared street on 29th Street (2015).
  • Directed staff to develop an ordinance governing car sharing services to ensure access across the city (2015).
  • Added budget for sidewalk ice and snow removal at corners and at bus stops (2015).
  • Adopted a complete streets policy for the city that prioritizes walking, bicycling and transit users (2016).
  • Made big progress toward reopening of Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street (ongoing).
  • Continuing support for engineering work and funding strategies for Nicollet-Central streetcar (ongoing).

Advancing Racial and Economic Justice:

Lisa has been a vocal and effective advocate for the progressive values of Ward 10 at City Hall, standing with our communities of color and working families to advance racial equity and economic justice. As a member of the Ways and Means Commitee, Lisa has been a strong supporter of racial equity, health and civil rights investments in the City's annual budgets.

  • Helped restore funding for racial equity staff positions during 2014 budget cuts.
  • Supported repealing outdated spitting and lurking ordinances that disproportionately criminalized people of color (2015).
  • Co-author of the state's first earned safe and sick time law (2016).
  • Directed staff to develop a minimum wage ordinance by 2017 (ongoing).

Protecting Our Health and the Environment:

Lisa knows that environmental health and sustainabily is a high priority for 10th ward neighbors. As a member of the Health, Environment and Community Engagement Committee, she has supported many advances in health, including the adoption of agressive greenhouse gas reduction goals.

  • Backed alternatives to expanded garbage burning at the HERC (2014).
  • Made it easier to keep honeybees in the city (2014).
  • Supported first-in-the-nation clean energy partnership with CenterPoint and Xcel Energy to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals (2014).
  • Supported expansion of farm stands, strengthened requirements for healthy foods at corner stores, and added e-cigarettes to Minneapolis' Clean Indoor Air Act (2014).
  • Declared October to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Minneapolis for the first time and declared October 13 to be Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (annual)
  • Supported funding for curbside composting service for all of Minneapolis (2015).
  • Updated our zoning regulations to allow for people to store their own composting bins in between pick up days (2015).
  • Supported the work of the Minneapolis Youth Congress to ban flavored tobacco in convenience stores and gas stations (2015).